Do you collect something?

Hi everybody

Many people have the habit to collect, I mean to gather things of the same kind and keep them for a life time or less, as a hobby.

I saw collections of postcards, pens, watches, multi-functional pocket-tools, knives, monkey-toys, elephant-toys, train-toys, medals, but the most interesting was an apartment full of things which have been brought in time from the African jungle, like lianas, stuffed birds, dried plants and a lot of objects and decorations made by African people.

Well, I can’t say that I have such a habit, but I’ve always liked dwarfs, so I gahtered a number of dwarfs in my house, small and big ones: from 3 cm to 40 cm tall. Here you can see some of them:

So, I’d like to know: do you, people, collect something? If yes, will you share some photos?


Dear Monica!

Nice to see you again.

No, no. Unfortunately I don’t collect anything special, except a great deal of trouble.

But I like this topic, and I think it will have a great popularity.

Your dwarfs look cute, and very decoratively.

Good idea!


Thank you, Alicja, and nice to see you too!

Thanks for your encouraging words! I’m really curious and I expect to see the most unexpected things in this thread, because people’s imagination and taste have no limits. If only they will feel like sharing!

Now, about you, you didn’t notice, but I think you’ve already collected something which is different from that ugly “great deal of trouble”: it’s a big number of answers to your posts on ETN Forums, am I right? There’s something that you can view and review whenever you want, can’t you? It’s your collection :slight_smile:

I wish you all the best,

Hi Monica28!

I think this post is very interesting and I was hoping to read what other people answered but it seems they haven’t visited yet, except for Alicjia1 but I see she’s not into collecting things.

I’m don’t consider myself much of a collector either, but there are some things I have collected without being aware of it. For example, I like drawing and recently I noticed that I’ve come to have a huge number of pencils. It was not in my plans to have a collection of pencils but since every time I go shopping and see a pencil that is cute or has a different grading from the ones I have I end up buying it, now I have over 20 pencils of different brands and grading.
Something similar happened with nail polish. Everytime I go out and find a color that catches my eye I usually buy it and now I have a mini collection of nail polish pots. Some of them I haven’t even used for the first time.

I’m also a sucker for shoes. If I had more money I’d have a collection of shoes, they’re simply beautiful.

I once started a collection of food packages, mainly cookies, candy and chips, and thought of keeping them to later in some years compare them with the new ones . I thought it was a cool idea but I didn’t keep at it, don’t remember why.

I think it’s cool to collect stuff. Everytime I go into a house and see a collection of something I’m always like: Oh, it’s so great! and keep staring at it for some time.
I know someone who has a collection of toy-cars and I think it’s wonderful. One of my aunts had a collection of stamps and when she died it passed on to us and now it’s one of our treasures.

Dwarfs are not common in my country so I’ve never seen a collection of them but I’ve seen in some movies that people love to place them in their gardens. It’d be great to see your collection in real life:)

Oh! thank you Monica.

You always are able to find something positive about me.

You are very ingenious and perceptive. I’m not sure, what you had in mind. Are you talking about the number under my avatar?

You are right, that I don’t control it.

My problem is, that I rarely go back in my thoughts to the past. I always think
about a new challenge, that occupy my head.

So, if I even had the collected things, I wouldn’t have time to take delight of it.

And my not much spacious flat, also without it, is always full of mess.

It is distressing for me. Because the new season came, I sacrified some days to pack and carry out, the infinitude amount of garment and shoes.

And still there is a lot of it.

Thank you for good words that you addressed to me.


PS. I needed to oversleep the night, to find out, how it really is with me.

Hi, Mangara

Pencils? Nail polish? Candy packages? Shoes? How cute! I knew that I would find ideas for things that I haven’t ever thought of collecting!
Why don’t you show us some of your drawings and of course some of the pencils which are responsible :slight_smile: for them? I’m dying of curiosity!

What you say about nail polish happens to me with mini-perfumes. I love how they look, they are so little and pretty. I use only some of them, because I don’t like all flavors. I don’t have a real collection, but I’m working on it :slight_smile:
I’d love to keep my dwarfs in my garden, but I don’t have one - I live in a four-floors block :frowning:
Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas.

See you,

Yes, it’s exactly that number - I saw it and I said: “hey, this is quite a number! not little at all! a collection?”
And yes, there’s always something positive in everything, in fact there are many, but we don’t notice them always.
Thank you and have a good night!

Hi, Jessica
Glad to meet you! How are you?


I saw this topic and I wanted to come in since I saw it last time.

But I don’t want me the others assume as a pervert. Though I’m a bit.

Of course, I collect girls’ panties since I was 10 or something.

I love to sniff at them as much as I can.

I sometimes think it could be something to do with my unique way of thinking. I just donch know.

If you send me your panties, of course washed and pressed ones, I’ll be so happy.

Have fun.

For single Women only. Especially for the Dragonese. Luvluvluv.

You may see me as a pervert but if you can convince me that ’ collecting panties is wrong, I will abandon my noble hobby for good.

Have fun.

My dear!

You are not a pervert, no, no …

You are no exception.

I once watched in astonishment, the film about a strange hobby of Japanese men.

They buy in stores such things as used items of underwear, from the girls and even their nails clipped.

It is wondrous how easy it is, to excite them.

So, you do not feel guilty. You are not a forerunner in this regard.

The Japanese cultivate it since a long time.

By the way, some from your items are very sweet.

Fun fun!

Alice :))

Phew …

You are an angel. Come to rescue me.

So I can perfect my panties collection then. Wot a relief.

Have fun my dear. Love you…