Do you believe in euthanasia?


I would like to know if you people believe in euthanasia or if it is legal in your country? A stupid question indeed! If a person is suffering from something terrible which is sure going to kill him sooner or later, would you advise the doctor to put his suffering to an end for ever and very quickly—I mean, by practising euthanasia? I have known the stories of some people for whom even the graves had been dug, but they survived. As far as my knowledge is concerned, all religions are strictly against euthanasia, aren’t they, or are they? Even then, what do you say about it?


Hi Tom

The only thing I can say is that if you’ve ever had to watch someone dying a slow, horrible death (for example, from cancer), it becomes easier to understand why some people believe that euthanasia should be an option.


Hi Tom.
It’s hard to say. I’m against euthanasia. I think we are not Gods to deprive a man of life. Though I realize that it can be an end of torments.Today my lecturer of Law raised this question in order to listen to our opinions. No one was able to give reasonable grounds about it.

Hi Pamela

In my first post I was thinking specifically of my mother. Her death was slow and terrible. I don’t believe in euthanasia, either. But watching my mother die made me feel guilty because not only could I not cure her but I also wasn’t able to end her pain and suffering. Can you imagine that?


Might be that euthanasia is an option if a person is dying hard. I mean, it?s hard enough if your pet is that rather ill that even the animal-doctor recommends you to help it to die. Although, for the moments, it seems to be the best opportunity your conscience will appear later and ask you to prove your decision. Something rather different , for me, is: does your conscience agree if you help another person to die? Will you ever be able to work that over?


I’m really sorry, Amy.I understand you, of course. My grandmother died a terrible death (from cancer, too). :frowning: Let’s believe that all diseases like HIV, cancer… will be curable.

Hi Amy…

I’m sorry to hear that , but this is the life …so difficult and painful and It has a bit of happiness … :frowning:


Hi friends,

The most important thing that I believe everyone has the right to live , and nobody in the universe has the right to give the death decision or the opposite of that , except Allah . and If anyone has that right to make death decision or “euthanasia” , I think he is a KILLER, or a big KILLER …

Even that when you see your loved person is suffering and groaning painfully, I know that it is very difficult situation , but I think that it is more difficult when you have made the decision to " kill" ,or ,"make euthanasia to " that loved person because you wanted to help him/her and gave him/her repose [size=200]!!![/size]

Who is The Knower of the unseen things?..
Of course Allah
and Allah’s generosity is unlimited ,so , Don’t be despairing of that generosity , and maybe the patient will recover If Allah wanted that .so , why are you judging to kill this person ?..

Although there is a medical revolution , and the pharmacology is developing , but I think there is a roof or end of humanity understanding , and there isn’t any creation in the world can challenge Allah’s grandeur and Allah’s wisdom and Allah’s knowledge .


Hi Herc,
I know it’s a sensitive subject, but I really like to know your opinion about this:
If someone kills another then Allah (or God, or whoever’s up there) probably knows about it. The killer shall be punished, but the killing is done. The question is: could a murder happen against Allah’s will if he let him do it?
I’m sorry if I insulted you or your (or anyone’s) religion.
This question’s occurred to me when I heard of someone who didn’t take her pills although she was really sick.
She said if God wills, she’d get better anyway.
But who knows the ways of these things?
What if God helped them make that pill to help her?

I know you guys know the answer, so please tell me.

Hi Spencer :smiley:

Thank you for your free mind , and you must know that I regard you and all open minds too here.
I know it’s a sensitive subject and I think it needs to deep thinking and I don’t prefer to make discussions in this kinds of subjects .But , I’ll try to give you an answer as I can do and as I think .

Allah knows every bit of sand on each places in the universe .
If you or I or anybody wanted to do any doing , You can’t do it if Allah isn’t predestinated to do that doing …
every thing in this life is predestinated by Allah , your breathes and your heart’s pulses and every doings.
The life or death of anybody is written and predestinated by Allah .
crimes and murders and recovering or illness also are predestinated by Allah .

So, we must know these facts .

[size=150]But[/size], Allah asks us to work and learn and discover the secrets of the life then be beneficiary of them .

So, we should work and depend on ourselves to know that secrets , and surely believe of Allah’s abilities .


Hi spencer
I respect you ,and respect your mind .

be sure that allah know the murderer , and know everything in the universe , he see everything and everyone
but anyone can’t see him .

can you say :"I will kill my someone ,or I will steal some house,because the god wills ,and the god wills is better to me "
of course you can’t say that .

anyway ,nobody has the right to kill anyone , because it is not his job to decide if this person need to death or no.

best wishes for all members

Hi,everybody :o

in this life a lot of things, which we make think about life’s truth .

why do we passivity to idea the death?

I have important base when I deal with this life.
I trust in Allah, he makes me in known day and I’ll die in day nobody don’t know it except Allah.

I’m sure if all people want to kill me and Allah don’t want me die I won’t die… this is [color=red]our ideology

So we believe the die must just from Allah not from human.
and the human do what Allah wants.
in islamic ideology any kill for self is forbidden even if he kills himself.
Allah have the self and it honesty and we have to keep on it.

this life makes for adoring Allah and enjoy human in it.


Thanks guys, I think I’ve got it.
It’s something like we all have to try our best not to hurt anyone. This is common in all religions I guess.
I don’t like to talk about death anyway


Hi all

In my own opinion, the life/soul is from Allah Almighty who gave it to us and will take it back some day; sooner or later; to Judge us in the Day of Judgment. We are as Muslims believe that Allah creates and appoints us as successors in the Earth to worship him alone without any partner with Him. Also the pain and health are all from Him. So He alone gives us the good health and bad one to see (put the test to) our patience. And we also believe that there is no disease that Allah made unless He (Allah) made a remedy/medicine for it; knows it whom knows it and ignores it whom ignores it. Therefore, when someone has a disease in our Muslim community; he/she has to be patient and pray to Almighty to cure him/her. And he/she never thinks to ends up his life as an animal.

I wish you all the best in your life and afterward.