Do you believe in Democracy?

Do you know what exactly democracy means?

If you do, do you believe in it?

And what are the benefits of democracy to the mankind regardless of race and religion.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw! I heard recently that democracy has something common with freedom of speach. Am I right? And I don’t believe in full democracy. Everywhere

is too many the secret servise around. If there is not full democracy–then the races and religions are under observation.
And my viruses in my computer are now also under observation, because I followed your advise, and downloaded free Bitdefender .Thank you very much!

Now I’m waiting for result.


Dear Alicja,

I dunno no democracy. I’m dumb about it. So I want to learn it from any master of democracy. Especially if it pays.

kind regards.

It seems no one really knows about democracy. Good. I’m not the only one.

kind regards.