Do you agree with the following statement? It was easier to achieve success in th

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Do you agree with the following statement? It was easier to achieve success in the past than it is today.

The topic of people’s view on whether it is easier to achieve success in the past than it is today can be approached from several angles due to its complexity. Since people have so much high-tech equipment than before, some people hold that it’s much easier than before, while others may have the negative attitude. Despite many diversified opinions aired by different based on their own will, there can be no doubt that having success today is not an easy task than before.

First of all, if scientists want to achieve success means they have to do some breakthrough research than earlier people. However, technology has developed so many years, people who want to achieve success have to learn some basic knowledge and find some innovative ideas from it. But those innovations are always hard to develop and study. In contrast, the earlier theories are easier than today’s creative technology. That’s why I am greatly convinced that people have more difficulties to achieve success today, because they have to learn more knowledge than before.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it is a competitive world, people have to contest with the other people from all over the world. The interaction from country to country is more frequently than before. Therefore, a successful people may need a various skills, including language ability and negotiation skill, etc. For example, my father plays a significant people in his company and he takes charge of all the oversea business. However, it’s not an easy task and he really puts much effort on his work in order to gain success.

Admittedly, the well developed technology makes some things easy to accomplish. For example, people can use computer to compute complexity equation and it’s really save a lot of time and we can have more time to develop some theories more deeply. However, I insist that success isn’t easy to achieve in this competitive generation.

With the reasons above, I hold that the past people are easy to gain success than today. That’s not to say, of course, that the other points of view are completely without merit. However, I think the reasons I provided in favor of my viewpoints are stronger.

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