Do you agree that it is better to work for business owned by someone else than to work for the business of one's own family?

Do you agree that it is better to work for business owned by someone else than to work for the business of one’s own family?

Finding a proper job is crucial for people’s career since they spend more than a third of a day on their work place. Also, the career itself has its effect on their social and economic lives. While some people prefer to work for a business that is owned and directed by others, I believe people should work for the family- run business for a great number of reasons, two important ones of which are elaborated upon hereunder.

To begin with, working for a family business motivates people to enhance their performance. People who work for a business’s run by their family are more motivated and more loyal, since the firm is a part of their identity. So, they have a grave motivation to work harder and even learn problem-solving skills to benefit their business. Also, being in this business for long time, older members of the family can help those how just joined them and provides them with their knowledge and experience they have. What’s more, People in who works for family-run business usually have their voice and their ideas and opinions are most likely to be heard by other members. They can either consider their selves as a new leader for the business or a new mentor who are going to join their business, since they can consider their career as a life time job. Working for a family firm, therefore, will keep individuals motivated.

To add more, people working for their family business, feel more happiness and satisfaction. When people work on the family-run business, every single time that the business success they feel the same since the business flourishing is synonymous with their success. They feel they also accomplished an achievement as they play a role in this succession. As a personal example, my family owned a big farm, and I work for them, since I graduated from university, as the accountant. Every time we celebrate the harvest season, when we sell our products to the farmer market’s people, I feel I go one step forward both in my personal life and my career. Since, not only does our business benefit from my hard work but also I feel closer to my family.

All in all, by taking this into account, I think people should consider working for their family business rather than working for business directed by others.

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I don’t agree with this statement at all.

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