Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing a game is fun only

Playing a game is always fun. Some people like to spend few hours on the computers in order to play interesting games. Every person tries to win at the end of game. The main aim is to win. That is why playing a game is fun only when you are winner. It is because; it comes from the nature of the human to be winner if there is competition or game, and people usually feel themselves sad when they lose something or game.
Firstly, to be winner is what everybody tries in this life. If we look at the historical literatures we can see that people always try to win in the struggle for living. May be, the struggle for living is not a game in its literal sense; but our life looks like a game. There are always two sides in our struggle for living. Both sides want to win; but only one side gain success. That is why, may be people do not want to be looser in a simple game.
Secondly, when people play a game they try hard and spend time on it. If they do not win they feel sorry that they spent so much time on playing the game, but their efforts were not successful. People always appreciate their efforts on something even it is a game. When people fail they feel themselves sad.
In conclusion, I think that the main target in every game is to win. It is because it makes people happy and they always want to be winner. It is because every person tries to be happy, and to win game makes people happy.

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I am really hoping to see an improvement in the work of you all this New Year. You still have a limit of two essays a day, but if you feel you need to write only one per day to show an improvement, so much the better. The vast majority have it within them to write really good essays about their topics. Take your time. Think what you want to say. Think about how you intend to say it, then review it in your mind once more before beginning to write.
Scores will be more stringently applied this year. Poor work will be scored as low as six.
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