DO you agree or disagree? A zoo has no useful purpose.

DO you agree or disagree?
A zoo has no useful purpose.
Use reasons and examples to explain your response.

Certain animal and bird species are at a door of extinction. A zoo represents them in order to have advantages of watching them in person. For human’s purpose, animal and birds had to pass though many unfavorable consequences, which is unethical in my view . And the main purpose is to get information about the wild animals that we can fulfill on internet. Therefore, I personally feel that a zoo has no useful purpose.

First, I believe that wildlife should be preserved in wild environment. A zoo is an artificial environment for the animals. Animals and birds lose their potential in such confined areas. They may no more serve their specialty. For example, as we know, Cheetah is the fastest animal in speed. When they are caged in the zoo for our selfish purpose,will they be able to maintain their speed constantly? Will they be able to maintain the hunting capacity? Apparently, we all know the answer. Animals wildness will not be preserved in the zoo. thus, they should be kept free in the natural environment.

Second, animals and birds lose their freedom, so it is unethical with their independency. A zoo is generally for education and information purpose. But what about the animal and the birds prisoned inside the cage? They are also living creatures like us. It is just that they are not able to communicate with us. They have their own wildlife and are important members of the ecological cycle. In the zoo, we are breaking natural cycle and hampering their independency. Therefore, I feel a zoo serve no purpose in front of freedom.

Lastly, education purpose can be resolved with the aid of the internet. We are living in high tech world. We can get information about anything on a count of seconds. Just for education and information purpose, we should stop being selfish and should cease the building a prison for the wild animals. We can see the images and read in detail about those animals through internet without any harm. Thus, there is no need to build the zoo.

All in all, as being a nature lover, i unlike to see wild animals in to the cages, which serves no purpose. We are already losing our precious species by mean of human activities such as expansion of territory, industry, construction. Therefore, we should restrict those activities rather than being over protectors of animals and birds in form of zoo.

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Hi Kattie, I really loved your ideas in this essay. You have some great arguments and have supported them well. I especially liked your cheetah example. We went to a zoo in San Diego California that actually has a 1/2 mile race course with a imitation rabbit lure and they allow the cheetahs to chase the rabbit twice a day and everybody can watch. It is amazing how fast they are, but I still agree it would be better to protect them in the wild. You seemed to have more errors in your execution this time though, with a lot of awkward sentences and some phrases that seemed a little vague to me. So overall, I think I can only rate this a 3.5 out of 5.