Do we need 'do' or 'does' in these sentences?

Hi Guys,
Everybody DOES
Every one of them DOES
All the people DO (?)
Most people DO (?)
Where the most of scientic COME from (?)

What I’d like to know is these sentences are right above.

Hi Spencer!
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Yes, your sentences are right, but I’d change the last one a little:
Where DO the most scientists come from?


Hi Amy,
How are you?
I’m OK, but I have no time, I work too much.
I miss writing to you guys.
Hey, Amy. what if I meant
“That’s the place where the most scientic come from?”
Is that correct?

Hi Spencer

First a question: You wrote “scientic”. As far as I know, that isn’t a word. :shock: In my first post, I assumed you meant “scientists”. Is that correct?

If so, the verb has to agree with the plural word “scientists” in the question (see my first post).

If you’re thinking of the word “scientific”, that word is an adjective and needs a noun:

  • scientific knowledge (singular)
  • scientific breakthroughs (plural)

Or do you mean “science”? (singular)

Here are two new options:

That’s the place where the most science comes from.

That’s the place where the most scientists come from.


Hi Amy,

I’m not really happy with this sentence:

To me it seems unfinished as if you should add something like the most scientists in the world/who are successful or whatever. I would go for simply most scientists.

Please put my troubled mind at ease.


Hi Spence!

Amy already wellcame you in good old Red Indian way! :wink: I myself join to the greeting!

What do you do as occupation? However, it seems to be a hard job!

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Hi Alan

Yes, I thought of that, too. I hope that eases your troubled mind a bit. :lol:

I left the word “the” in the sentence simply to minimize the changes in the sentence and also as a result of the following logic:

Most scientists” in the sense of “the majority” or “a very large proportion” of all scientists.
The most scientists” in the sense of “the highest number of” scientists from any one place, but not necessarily the majority of all scientists.

My first reaction was, in fact, to also remove the word “the”.
But I ended up leaving the word “the” in the sentence. I hope I’ve eased your troubled mind at least a little. :smiley:


Hi Amy,
you’re right, I was thinking of scientists when I wrote scientic, but considering my writing skills it’s not a big missdialling at all. :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing at it though, but that’s what bloodsisters there for, you know. :slight_smile:
By the way, I’m a bit dissapointed in you, 'cause you let me go at first, didn’t you?
Alan, I wanted to express “the highest number” with the “the”. Would that still make you feel bad?
I mean you still feel like something is needed there?
Can’t I just say: “where the most scientists come from” without any addition?
Or you only have problem with the question like:
“where do the most scientists come from?”
I mean in my language if you don’t add “on Earth” it’s kind of obvious, so it’s still all right, but in English you know the rules, so I believe every words you say. :slight_smile:

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Well, I didn’t really let you go entirely, Spencer. :lol: In my first post, I removed the word “of” and also changed the spelling in that sentence. :wink:

And, just to make sure I don’t disappoint you again, please note the spelling of “disappointed”. :lol:

I hope you understood what Alan wrote and also what I wrote.
There is a difference between “the most” and “most”. And which one you use would depend on what exactly you want to say and the context. Unfortunately, your sentence had no other context.
By the way, it’s also possible say “Most of the scientists”.

What you cannot say is “the most of scientists”.

See ya :smiley:

Isn’t all this yet another proof that English is ‘tough stuff’?

The following examples are only meant as an illustration of what you’ve all said (just wanted to add my two-penny worth, I guess) :roll: :

That country has the most scientists in the world.


Most scientists in the world don’t work with mice.

So much for illusions!

Hi Spencer!

Have you forgotten, we are bound by a contract! :shock:

Hey, don?t let your top dog know that you are an old proficient English speaker. I dread he will let you go home never again. :wink:

Enjoy your family as often as you can. It?s a good feeling to know that you are watching us. 8)


Thanks Guys, I got it , at least the most of it. :slight_smile:
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