Do the universities have to pay more money as salary of professors?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
To improve the quality of education, university should spend more money on salaris for university professors.

Nowadays universities play an important role in people’s success and the government should plane to increase their quality. some people are inclined toward the attitude that amount of money received by the university’s professors does not influence on the quality of the education, whereas others hold the opposite perspective. I personally, though, believe that it is high beneficial to pay much money as salaries of professors in that not only does it motivate them to improve their qualification, but also it encourages other professors to be hired in the university.
The first reason that should be taken into consideration is that spending much money as professor’s salary inspires them to enhance their teaching. when having a number of financial problems, a professor could not focus on his work. Furthermore, if a teacher is supported efficiently, he will motivate to spend more time on his research work since he does not require to spend time on others work until to acquire more money. To elaborate on my point further, take the case of a woman who is a professor in a university for example. When the university pays a high salary into her, not only does it make them more energetic to work hard, but also she can provide all amenities for herself such as proper home, car, and mobile.
Apart from the points made above, no one can overlook the fact that a high salary assists the university in hiring extremely excellent teachers. Professional and well experienced professors are essential to improve a university. If the university tends to hire such professors, it will need to attract them with an appropriate salary. To illustrate more, consider a man working as a professor many years. In addition, he has been won numerous prizes and has grown a lot of students. Several universities want to hire him; however, he prefers to work in a university paying more money into him.
To put it in a nutshell, I am of the opinion that the university should expend much money as professor’s salary. This is because it inspires them to advance their quality of work and it is an incentive for other people to be attracted into the university. It is high time we stopped overlooking the fact that it is better to invest much money on professor’s salary to get a good education.

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Hi Samiraslh, not too bad. You have some good ideas and your overall structure is effective. Try to add a concluding sentence to each body paragraph tying your example back to the prompt. Also, you do have some grammar mistakes and some awkward words and phrases here and there. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

thank you. I have learned a lot of thins from you. I try to apply your comments.

Hi Samiraslh, “tend” means to usually have a quality, or to usually do something. For example - “a university tends to hire high-quality professors” means this is something that universities usually do.
“intend” means to want to do something or have a plan to do something. For example, “a university intends to hire high-quality professors” means the university wants to do this and has made a decision to do this. In your context, I think “intend” works better.