Do people always want more than they have?

Do people always want more than they have?

Once upon a time, between many varieties of creatures, there was a special species, wanting more. Better shelter for protecting its frail body, from cold and wild, large one for storing or hiding foods, fruits and seeds; Developed instrument to hunt easily and more. It seems these mores never to end. The Humankind!
Wanting more is his engine, to go ahead. He has wanted capable communication system so extended languages. He has wanted to express himself by inventing arts, poem, theatre and dance.

They took inhabitation all over the world just by wanting more; you can see this species everywhere, even in the north frozen polar, may be very soon not only above the planet but far beyond the solar.
He wants more, if not no one could see a most evolved species separating his way from the other animals, so thanks to this astonishing feature and whatever it brought us!
Having these all aside, wanting more brings another misery. Not being able to control this desire, humankind has put out many inner conflicts, wars. Wanting more food, land, money, comfort and even freedom ignites many wars historically.
These wanting more, is going to destroy the our only habitant, the Earth. We have ballooned the pollution by wasting more goods and energy. We have destroyed other spices living environment by wanting more. It is the where we should stop ourselves wanting more, this time it is going to hurt us.

Conclusively, we respect our wanting more feature which brings us progressing, but we are wisely one, wanting more can bring misery too as it have brought before.

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Good morning Sayid. Having read your essay more than once it is fairly obvious, at least to me, what you are attempting to say. Unfortunately most people will probably be confused by your essay, simply because your meaning will be unclear to them.

This is not going to be easy to rectify, and I can only suggest that you write shorter texts and allow me/us to help you with your sentence structure.

Your knowledge of English is admirable, but I/we have to get you on the right road to clear, understandable writing.

Don’t be taken aback, this WILL be remedied.


Once upon a time, between many varieties of creatures, there was a special species, wanting more. Better shelter for protecting its frail body, from cold and wild, large one for storing or hiding foods, fruits and seeds; Developed instrument to hunt easily and more. It seems these mores never to end. The Humankind!
Wanting more is his engine, to go ahead. He has wanted capable communication system so extended languages. He has wanted to express himself by inventing arts, poem, theatre and dance. 83 words.

Since the beginning of time, of all the creatures that walked upon the face of the Earth, only one has sought to alter its environment.
This species is known as Human.
Without regard to his damaging the environment, he demanded greater protection from the elements, stored food which was greatly needed by others, constructed more effective killing weapons. His demands were unending.
Developing even further he expanded his vocabulary, and then danced, drew, and even composed rhymes.
Meanwhile, the other animals of the earth were content with their environment.
85 words.

Sayid, this is what you intended to say.

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Do people always want more than they have?

People will always be people. As the saying goes, we live to eat, and I presume that it also applies to other materials things around us. In this regard, I can confidently say that we are never satisfied, which is why we always wanted to have more of what we have, and more of what we do not have. There are so many reasons to say why people aspire to have more of almost everything.

The first reason why people yearn to have more than what they have is because of status. It is quite obvious that if one is endowed by material things, it also symbolizes one’s place in society. You would earn a name and respect in the society where you live in. If for example, you are considered a nobody before, but after sometime because of material things, you can reclaim or claim a place in society. This can be true for people who just won a lottery. They might be on an average living before, but after winning a lottery they would suddenly be sensational, or better yet made famous.

Having a lot of friends is another effect if one has more material things. People are attracted to persons who are well of especially if they are sorrounded by many material things in life. As an example, let us consider the famous actors, and actresses in showbusiness. Once they are so popular and on the peak of their success, almost everybody wants to befriend them. What they won’t realize is after that stage in their life where they are not in the limelight anymore, those people who happens to be your friend before begins to dissappear one by one.

Finally, having a lot of things in your life would also imply that one person is successful. All of the tangible things that we are enjoying here on earth comes with a price. It did not just show up without us doing anything. We worked so hard for each of these things. So, having this material things around us signifies success.

In conclusion, I agree that most people wants to have things that they want and things that don’t have yet. I believe that all of the results of this material things after we obtain them has a dominoe effect. First is the status that it gives us in society followed by friends who will be drawn to us because of this things, and lastly the most important achievement that we wanted to obtain, which is to feel successful. We can have all of these by aspiring and working hard to have this material things.

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Sorry Tom, Sayid wrote it and Gloridae edited it.

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Do people always want more than they have?

People have been used to want more and his ever desire to want more is characterized him from other creatures on earth. However I’m going to oppose this idea that people always want more.
Humankind’s endeavor to improve his facilities helped him to go ahead through the long path of evolution. He never has stopped to satisfy himself what he gained. Better shelter, more safety, more food, more comfort, more knowledge and more status; the list of his wants will never be ended. Not always his wants does bring him a satisfaction, many times makes him upset by the costs: war and environment destruction.

People save this desire, wanting more. A newborn infant instinctively want more attention from parents, to learn more, to discover the world. This habit opens him a way to progress. More he tries in school, more he gains from parents, teachers, friends. More he tries in work, more comfort and status he gains himself.
The mentioned process is almost same for under 20 aged people, but not more for upper ages. People learn soon that chasing is source of his main stresses. This awareness and stopping to want more brings him another kind of pleasure combined with peace life. I’ve seen many elder people who advise me make happy life with I have got already, and not to hurt my current joyful life by dedicating it to future times when I may have my goals targeted. Perhaps coming days I would want another more thing!
To sum up these all, I think there are many peoples who don’t want more. They found it a way to enjoy the moment.

Sayid, your vocabulary is fine, but you are writing in such a way that it is difficult for most people to understand what your point is.

Take a days rest and spend it reading newspapers.

Read two different articles about the same subject, written by two different reporters.

Note what they are saying, and more importantly, HOW they are saying it.
Read aloud whilst reading. Pause at commas and full stops.

Don’t try to learn new words as you probably won’t be using them in your essay.
Try to write a long sentence in a different way to the reporter, but give the same meaning to YOUR sentence.

I know this all sounds difficult. Unfortunately you joined us too near to the date of your exam, but you can still get a better mark by trying for a few more days.


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Hi Sayid!

Your essays always arise many questions!
So, those who advice you to find peace and don’t struggle to target mote goals,
aren’t advising you to find MORE peace?
Aren’t THEY seeking for MORE peace?
This means that they too want more of something!

To me, a person who doesn’t want more,
(this desire could even be to stay alive for one more day)
is a dead person.

Nikoulia :slight_smile:

They are very helpful. I am taking your advice too. Thank you Bill.

what a clever point you’d mentioned Nikolia :d
I should change it a bit so but not all

It’s like freedom. Your freedom restrict mine? But sometimes does!
if you want more calm, isn’t that you stope your selfe to want more progress?

I think you give me a good piont, thank you. and so my essay is a bit underestandable too? yea?