Do not let the you tommorrow hates the you today ?

Hi everyone

“Do not let the you tommorrow hates the you today ?”
Is this sentence grammatically written ? Could you please help me correct it if it’s wrong ?

“Do not let the you tomorrow hate the you today.”
Though the phrases in bold are not quite intelligible to me, the sentence has been corrected grammatically.

A grammatical version would be
Do not let the person you become tomorrow hate the person you are today.

That is a rephrased semantic version; more intelligible.
Do not let ‘X’ hate ‘Y’ is perfectly grammatical, for the original has ‘hates’ which is ungrammatical and unacceptable, and hence corrected.

Do not let X hate Y may be grammatical in pattern, but not using the vocabulary as stands. Vocabulary is also essential to grammar.

thank you Bee and Anglophile.

Possibly ‘the you of tomorrow/today’.

Yes, I’d say.