Do I need any preposition such as ON/IN?

Good evening! How is it going? Thanks in advance!

He hit her face. Do I need any preposition such as
on/in? I am afraid so, but I don?t know which one.

He hit on/in her face.


You can say “he hit her in the face”, or “he hit her on the face”. It depends on how he hit her.

If he slapped her with an open hand, we’d probably say he hit her on the face, but we might also say in.

If he lands a fist right on her nose, eye or kisser, we’d definitely say he hit her in the face.

In some situations it’s also possible just to say he hit her face, with no preposition.

hi sir ,
what is the difrrent between as on and as of
example salary paid as of 28-jan-10, salary paid as on 28-jan-10

The difference is that “as of” is used in English for that meaning, and “as on” is not.