Do/Does Vampires exists

Hi, I found quite strange thing. When I was searching some information about Vampires I’ve found sentences which I thing aren’t correct.The most sentences that I found were:

Do Vampires Exist? instead of Does vampires exist?
Do vampires exist? instead of Does Vampires exist?

It’s the the third person isn’t it ? So I’m a little confused If it is right or not. In my opinion it should be there Does.
Thank you for your help.

‘Do’ is correct.
The plural 3rd person form is ‘they do’.

I do
you do
he/she/it does

we do
you do
they do

By the way, ‘… which I think aren’t correct’, not ‘… which I thing are correct.’

Thank you for your help, but I don’t understand your ‘‘By the way’’ sentence. Is that sentence which I wrote wrong ? I thing it’s correct, thx for explanation.

‘I thing it’s correct’ is not right. The verb is ‘think’ not ‘thing’.

‘I think it’s correct’ would be right grammatically.

The word ‘thing’ is not a verb at all - it is a noun.

Hello Agnusxx,

‘By the way’ is an expression used when you want to add something to what you’re saying, especially a question or a piece of information that you’ve just thought of.

As usual Beeesneees is correct: ‘thing’ is a noun and ‘think’ is a verb. Your sentence ‘I think it’s correct’ is grammatically right, but it would be more natural to say: ‘I don’t think it’s incorrect.’ or simply say: ‘It’s correct.’

Kind regards

I prefer Agnusxx’s version.

‘I don’t think it’s incorrect’ is far less natural or straightforward than ‘I think it’s correct’.
‘It’s correct’ changes the meaning by removing any possibility that it is incorrect… a doubt expressed in the original question.

Yes Beeesneees. Now it’s clear to me. Would you please take a look at my other threads, please/ Difference in (posted today) and these sentences correct which I posted yesterday. I’d be extremely grateful!