Dear All,

Could you please give a format for the usage of Do / Did / Does pls ??

I / you / we/ they DO.
He / she/ it DOES.
I/you/ he/she/it/we/ they DID.

DO you speak French?
No, I DO not.

DOES Mona speak French?
Yes, she DOES.

DID they eat lobster last night?
No, they DID not.
And I DID not, either.

Thanks James…

Can you please explain with “have” / “had” combinations with do/did

Thank you for your note.

Could you please explain exactly what you are looking for so that I or someone else can try to answer you?

What do you mean by “combinations”? Maybe something like: I have done my work./ I had done my work? / She has done her work.

did they had dinner / did they have dinner ( Which one is correct ? )


This is one of the biggest mistakes that students make. But I have good news! It is one of the easiest things to learn. Just memorize this rule:

After do/does/did, always (always) use the base form. What is the base form? It is the form of the verb that you look for in a dictionary. For example, when you open a dictionary, you look for “have” (not “has,” or “had,” or “having”).


Do I have car?
Does she have a car?
Did you have a car?

Did they eat lobster?
Does she eat lobster?
Do we eat lobster?
Does it eat lobster?

I am sure that you will NEVER make a mistake again when you ask a question with do/does/did.