Disowning one's children.

Is there anything which you would disown your children for?

you know better, Molly:

Is THERE anything…

I’m tough on you because you’re strong and fluent.

If it was a typo, well, it happens. (hehe)

I’m just playin’.

To answer the question, I don’t think so. As a non-parent, I don’t know first-hand all of the emotions that go into that relationship. On the other hand, I love my parents more than anything but God and my sister and, come hell or high water, would never deny them. They’re my parents and my little sister, and I’d stand by them. And even though she’s married now, I’d give my life for my sister if it were necessary… maybe for my mom too.

Yes, indeed. An early morning typo. It was 7am here.

Impressive. I’d disown my kids if they killed my mother, for example. I love my mother more than my kids, but I do love my kids very much.

In my country, especially people who hold strongly to their custom and roots, they disowned their children for marrying a person they didn’t approve of. :?

But some will forgive and take their son/daughter back later on usually after they see their grandchildren.

Yes, the former reaction is common in many countries. Would you marry someone your parents didn’t approve of?

Totally. I know my parents will forgive me in the end, they love me too much. I am just going to bruise their heart a little.

I agree. A little bruising goes a long way. :wink:

Time heals all wounds.

(well, not necessarily… but in many cases of family strife, time helps to bring reconciliation)