Direct and indirect speech.

Hi sir,
Are these sentences of direct and indirect speech correct.
Direct speech
1-The deaf man said,“what have you said”.
Indirect speech
The deaf man asked what you had said.
Direct speech
2-He said to him,"why do you stop here.
Indirect speech
He asked me why you stopped there.
3-Direct speech
He said to me,"why did you write me this letter.
Indirect speech
He asked me why I written that letter to him.

Sir what will “did” transform into in the third sentence, and please check all indirect speech, if there is any mistake then please tell me.
Thank you.

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1.The deaf man asked me what I had said.
2.He asked him why he stopped there.
3.He asked me why I had written that letter to him.

The third sentence is in Past Simple and the Past Simple is replaced by the Past Perfect.

I hope,I’ve helped you:)

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Thank you so much .Tamta

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Hi there,
Pardon me, but I suppose the correct indirect speech form of 2nd one would be as follow.:
2. He asked him why he had stopped there.


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You are right, many thanks for pointing it out and welcome to our forum :smile:.

Thanks a lot. It is quite wonderful to be here among the most thriving community online
I really enjoyed people helping each other with love and respect.