dimming vs fading

1/ The air-sea search operation is continuing although hopes of finding survivors are …
A. dimming
B. fading
C. dissolving
D. reducing
=> I think both A and B are acceptable here, so which is the best choice and why?

2/ She down with with a bad cold just before Christmas
=> the above sentence lacks “is”, doesn’t it? (I mean: is “down with” an adjective phrase?)

Hi Nessie,

‘Fading’ seems the only possible answer. ‘Dim’ is more closely associated with light that is becoming weaker. You need to say ‘went down’ with the second sentence.


Many thanks for your idea, Alan :slight_smile:

About the second question, I think may be “go down with” is more commonly used, but I also found some results for “be went down” on the BNC, so I think perhaps it is also used sometimes

One of Bertha Hobbs’s kids is down with a fever again.’;
By the time I jumped back inside he looked like he was down with flu

Hi Nessie

There is something missing in your second sentence. I’d say ‘was’ would be more likely than ‘is’. The missing word could also be ‘came’.

(The word ‘went’ would sound a little odd to me. That may just be a BE vs AmE difference, however.)

Hi, Amy

what about “she came down with a bad cold” ?

By the way, I heard of this American slang idiom (presumably the Blacks use it, because I heard it a lot in rap music):To be down with someone (which I reckon means “to be friends with somebody”). As in “You ain’t down with us no more”

Do you familiar with this usage (or it is probably constricted to the Black community)

Thanks !

It seems the phrase “go down with” has lots of meanings, and after I’ve checked on the BNC, I agree with Amy about the better use of “came down with” here…