Dig one's heel

Hello sir.

please check my sentence whether it is right.

It’s no good making him understand,he has dug his heel.

It’s no good trying to make him understand. He has dug his heels in.

(The expression is to dig one’s heels in. You need the ‘in’ for it to make sense.)

Thanks beeeneees

,but why ''trying ''is being used here?

can’t we use ''making here?

You cannot really make someone understand. It is not your choice whether they are ultimately able to understand or not. You can only try to make someone understand. In this case, particularly you say that he has dug gis heels in so he is not going to listen and understand.

You might say, “I’m going to make you understand even if it takes forever.”

Hi Beeeneees.

Is this sentence right?

How long will it take you to finish it?