different types of works during work hours

It is very important to do different types of works during work hours due to the fact that diversity of roles in your job prevents you to become tired and bored. Some jobs have diversion in their tasks while other jobs do not have. I personally like to do different tasks during work hours because doing the same job all the time makes me sad and desperate and have negative effects on the brain.

To begin, I think that doing different tasks in work hours is very interesting and have lots of positive effects on everyone’s soul. For example, I have been employed in a mine company since seven years ago. Before I have been employed here, I had a supermarket. As you probably know, as a salesman in a supermarket you have different kinds of customers whom come to your store from morning until night. So you have relationship with different kinds of people. So I never had become sad and desperate while working in the supermarket. When I have been employed in the mine company, I have just a one task to register different letters on a computer application which other employees had written them. So I seat in my room all the day and lots of the time I do not know what to do due to the fact that registering letters take just one hour a day. After seven years which I have been employed in this company I feel that I am very sad and desperate now and I want to refer to psychologist. As you can see, having different types of tasks in a job is very exciting.
Furthermore, doing the same job in a day may cause some chronic diseases and have negative impact on everyone’s brain. For instance, my brother is a consular in a university. The university which he works is not so busy and all the time he is always sitting in the seat and reading newspapers. Yesterday I and my wife went to his home for dinner. He told me that he has alzheimer and forgets every thing rapidly. He said that when he wants to come home he can not remember what he should buy for home which her wife had said to him in the morning. I think that his job has very important role in his problem.
To sum up, I think that having diversity of tasks in your job is very important and every one should think about different aspects of a job before employment or starting a new job.

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Hi Mahdi, I am sorry, but I did not like your examples in this one as much as in some of your other essays. The supermarket job example was great, but the others were more about not doing anything at all rather than only doing one type of task all day.
So those examples would be good for a prompt like “Do you think it is important to stay busy all day?” Also, the connection between Alzheimer’s and not doing anything at work is tenuous to say the least! So I would modify your essay slightly:

Body paragraph 1 - Diverse tasks make your job more enjoyable and make the hours go by quickly - use supermarket example

Body paragraph 2 - Doing the same task all day leads to boredom, frustration,
and eventually psychological problems - use your current job example, but say that you process these applications all day, not just one hour a day. Remember you don’t have to tell the truth in these essays - change the story as necessary to make it fit the prompt as closely as possible.

Does that make sense? Here are some specific comments: