Differences Sentences

Hello Mentors,

I am here again to ask something about the differences between the two below:

  1. Sentence Constructions

  2. Sentence Structure…

Can you please give me an example has a Sentence Constructure Problem and a Sentence Structure Problem.

Thanks a bunch!



‘Structure’ is the general heading describing the form that a sentence takes. ‘Construction’ describes in detail how the different parts of a sentence interact.

For example: Take me to the railway station is an example of an imperative in its structure.

You could then refer to the construction of the sentence - ‘take’ imperative form of the verb - ‘me’ direct personal
pronoun object - ‘to’ preposition - ‘the station’ noun object of the preposition ‘to’ and so on.


Sir, thank you so much…

What if misused of tense Sir? is that a sentence construction or Structure?

‘Misuse of the tense’ I assume you mean by that where the wrong tense is used. In that case that would be part of the construction.

:wink: thanks a bunch my Mentor.