Differences between volume and quantity

what are differences between the type of + noun and the kind of + noun ?
The same question with volume and quantity

what does the words “place utility, overhead,outlet” mean?

why we always use sale with “s” in some following case:
sales promotion
sales department
sales outlet
-end of this: is sale a count-noun or a noncount-noun?

Could you please specify in which context did you find these words? If this deals with electronics, then:

  • place utility - a computer program to place radio-electronic parts (e.g., integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors etc) over the printed circuit board (PCB). The optimization criterion is usually minimization of the length of all interconnections between the parts. Placing is the (last) step before routing.

  • outlet - an output pin of an integrated circuit

  • overhead - extra expenditures for doing something

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BTW, outlet also means exit, vent; in economics outlet may also mean market (e.g., India is the most important outlet for British goods), shop or trade putlet (e.g., Given this rather bewildering variety of outlets for groceries it is of interest to consider why any housewife should choose one shop rather than another). It also may mean a place to which someone or something is let out.