Difference between 'what are you doing' and 'what do you'?

I dont get it , can you help me?

Where’s the question, Monica?

This is it: “what are you doing” & " what do you do?"

The first question asks what you are doing at the moment in the sense of your current activity.

The second one often asks about your job.

A What do you do?
B I work in a tax office.
A What are you doing now?
B I am cleaning my car.


Thanks, dear Alan

Hello Alan!

I read your answer but still have some doubts. Some time ago I had an English test (spoken) and the interviewer said to me something like (in the very beginning of the talk): “OK, Mike so let’s start. Tell me what are you doing?”. Should I answer that I’m currently sitting on a chair and answering his questions?? Because I responded as if it was a “what do you do” question. Was that a mistake?

Thanks in advance for your help!