Difference between “Take responsibility” and “Take over respinsibility”



Is there a difference between “Take responsibility” and “Take over responsibility”?

For example,

Take (over) responsibility for a project / for a whole team…



To me, “take responsibility” means that you have been assigned to lead this project or team, while “take over responsibility” stresses that you are replacing someone else in this leadership role.


I mean to put it this way: take responsibility could mean accept responsibility of an already assigned job; take over responsibility means assume the charge/control of a new job from someone else.


For me ‘Take responsibility’ simply means ‘be responsible’. ‘Take over responsibility’ suggests ‘assume responsibility’.


I agree with Luschen. For me “Take responsibility” is when you responsible for something, like you responsible for your job or some duties you need to do. “Take over responsibility” is where you replacing some individual over some project or work.