Difference between surprised, filled, tired or sick

I have a question like that:
Mrs Brown is never … with talking about her clever son.
A. surprised
B. filled
C. tired
D. sick
I don’t know which to choose. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much.

She likes her son, so she is never tired of talking about him. (I don’t like ‘with’)

You mean there’s something wrong with the exercise?

For me there is; it may be OK in BrE.

I think this sentence is a passive voice . The answer here should be " B . filled "
how about your opinion ???

As Charles has said, the correct phrase is ‘tired of talking’. Where did you get that sentence from, Sophie?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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i think this question can be understood as "Mrs Brown like to talk about his son so much that he never feel bored of talking about him "
What is your opinion , Sophie ?

Hi Giang93

You’re right. That might be understood as the basic sense of the sentence.
And, as Mister Micawber and Torsten have said, ‘tired of talking’ would be correct in Sophie’s sentence.

I’ve also corrected the grammar in you last post.

Na … Mister Micawber

It ain’t good British English like what I learnt in school if ya know what I mean. (nod nod wink) ol cobber!



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Oh OK I see. It is always on the last message …

Where are you from, Rob? Did you grow up in the UK?

No Amy

Was born in London but spent most of my life in Wales. I have just been around quite a bit as part of my job, experiencing English from all places of the UK, the world, the planet, the universe …

Idioms, sayings, and much more. From everyday life to business English, marketing, sales, engineering … blah blah blah …boring really.

Wrote a couple of articles in my time for some magazines, that was fun.

But for my sins, I now manage some international language activities including my baby here in Hamburg.



Well, no wonder I and my classmate wasted too much time on this problem without finding out the correct answer. I got this sentence from an excercise book compiled by a Vietnamese teacher ( or professor, I don’t know). Anyway, thank you very much for helping me. Very nice to meet you, Giang!
See you soon.
Wish you a happy day.