Difference between SEPERATE, DIVIDE, PART

Could you please tell me the difference between SEPERATE, DIVIDE, PART.

And give some examples.


Hi for2000,
Separate(sth)(from/and sth) means to divide into different parts or groups, to divide things into different parts or groups
Ex. Separate the egg(separate the yolk from white)
Separate (sb/smth(from/ and sb/sth) to move apart; to make people ot things move apart
Ex.South America separated from Africa 200 million years ago.

Divide (sth) to separate into different parts
Ex.The cell began to divide rapidly.

Divide sth(up/out) (between/among sb) to separate sth into parts and give a share to each of a number of different people
Ex. We divided the work between us.

Part to move away things
Her lips were slightly parted