Difference between rate, change and fees

Dear teachers,

If I ask sb to remove the snow in front of my house in 5 days.
The price is:

In total: 15$/ 5 days.

So,3$ and 15$ are called fees or rate or change or fees?

What is the difference btw fees, rate , change , fees?


Hi Quoc,

I could recommend two books that you might find useful:

The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary published by Oxford University Press, which not only defines words but also uses them in illustrative sentences.

Right Word Wrong Word by L G Alexander published by Longman. This books defines groups of related words and how each should be used.


Also, you wrote the numbers for the money wrong.

We don’t write 3$ or 15$. The dollar sign must come BEFORE the number. The correct way to write this is $3 or $15. It’s the same with every unit of currency: ?3, ?15, ?3, ?15, ?3000, ?15,000, etc.

Dear teacher,

Can I write: $15.000?


$15,000 means fifteen thousand dollars.
$15.000 means fifteen dollars, but we would not write more than two zeros.

Dear teacher,

I don’t understand. Please tell me when use , , when use ; in numbers?


In English we use the comma for separating thousands from hundreds: 1,000 and 15,000 are examples. They mean one thousand and fifteen thousand.

We use the period (full stop) to separate whole numbers from decimals. For example, 10.5 means ten and five tenths, or ten and a half, and 12.45 means twelve and forty-five one-hundredths. When we write the figures for money, we use the period in the same way. So, $15.00 means fifteen dollars and no cents, and $1.45 means one dollar and forty-five cents.

Why the comma? Why not a comma? Or both are correct?


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Hi Tom

“We use the (punctuation mark called) comma…” :wink: