Difference between Press Officer and Public Relation Officer


I’ve been starting to take classes of Public Relations? I’ve also encountered a few positions related to PR. Can you give me some explanations of press officer, public relation officer, communication officer? Why are there so many names for PR?

Thank you.

Hi Rosalisa,

It is becoming more and more fashionable nowadays to dream up new titles for jobs. A press officer would I imagine as the title suggests provide a direct link between the organization and the local/national press. A public relations officer will also have contact with the press but I would have thought their primary concern would be to promote the organization and its work/products and ensure that such things were shown in the best possible light. ‘Communications Officer’ to my mind is very vague and doesn’t, I would have thought, have much substance or value because it isn’t clear whether this is internal or external in terms of duties.

Just some thoughts.