difference between "don't ever" and "never"?

  1. Don’t ever stop chewing.
  2. Never stop chewing.

What’s the difference in meaning between “don’t ever” and “never”?

Hi Sitifan

I don’t see any difference in meaning in those sentences.

(They strike me as very odd examples. Was there any particular reason you chose “chewing”?)

No, there was no particular reason. Please see the link 2tough2chew.blogspot.com/

  1. He never goes to school late.
  2. He doesn’t ever go to school late.
    #1 is correct. Is #2 also natural English?
    I seldom, if ever, use “don’t/doesn’t/didn’t ever.” Is there any stylistic difference between “never” and “not ever”?

Hi Sitifan

Yes, that sentence is natural, but I’d say it is less commonly used than sentence (1), and it strikes me as a bit more emphatic than sentence (1).