Difference between collect and gather

Hi Alan and Torsten!
Tell me, please the difference between " collect" and “gather”.

Many thanks



Not a great deal of difference - collect is perhaps more literal. Collect books but gather information.


Hi! I think I agree with Mr. Alan. To me, collect is more specific. I have a question though. We say, “I will collect your payment.” but I don’t think we say, “I will gather your payment.” Is there another reason for this besides that “collect” is more literal?

“Gather” usually means to assemble many things (or people) in one place. “Collect” has a lot of other meanings, such as the one you described on bill collection. A dictionary would help here. Generally, I think of “collect” as meaning that you get or assemble things in order to keep them, such as when people collect coins or collect payments.

Both words have some rather surprising meanings, however, and I think you should check a good English-to-English dictionary to get a better understanding of them.