difference between advertising slogan and tagline?

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What exactly is the difference between an an advertising slogan and a tagline? Is a usually longer and more complex than a tagline? If so, where and how would you draw the line between both?

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I would say that a “tagline” is intended to define where an organisation stands, while an “advertising slogan” promotes what it has to offer.

Thus the tagline should appear on all company literature, for instance; but the advertising slogan should appear only on material relevant to its product.

(No doubt the two would be synonymous, in some cases.)


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Your explanation makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot for responding so fast!
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You’re welcome, Torsten!

But I should add that my interactions with various marketing departments have been very much those of a one-legged hedgehog with the juggernauts on an 8-lane motorway. So a marketing professional might well say something different.

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