difference among situation, circumstance and environment

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Could you please tell me: what’s the difference among situation, circumstance and environment. When shoud I use them?

Here I borrow a sentence from desperate house wives: There is a prayer intendered to give strength to people (who are?) faced with circumstances they don’t want to accept.

What if I say ‘faced with situation they don’t want to accetp’? Does it make sense? Can ‘situation’ express the same meaning as ‘circumstance’ in that sentence? Thanks in advance.

Please correct me as fully as possible (both typographical or grammatical errors) Thanks again.

Yes, in this context these two words are syninimous and quite interchangeable. You can use any one. Keep in mind that in some other context they might not be synonyms and you will have to choose which one should be used.
For example, a position can mean a position of employment; a post; and in this case you cannot use circumstances.

sit·u·a·tion n.
2. Position or status with regard to conditions and circumstances.
3. The combination of circumstances at a given moment; a state of affairs.
4. A critical, problematic, or striking set of circumstances.

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