diffence between finish up and finish off

I was wondering if you could explain me the difference between finish up and finish off.
Thank you!

As they stand, I see no definable difference. No doubt there are cases in which only one will serve, as in ‘Batman finished off the Joker by tying him to a gargoyle’.

Perhaps you have a sentence that interests you?

My teacher spoke often about finish off the reading.
You can finish up your homework.

Are these correct sentences? Is there a difference between finish up and finish off?
Thank you for your help!

The phrasal verbs are interchangeable there, Michi.

Hi Michaelabra.

To my mind ‘finish off’ indicates that you are completing a job and are now at the final stage as in: We started decorating the house 3 months ago and finally we finished off the bathroom late last night.

‘Finish up’ can mean the same as ‘end up’ and is used to indicate what happens at the end of a period of time as in: I missed the train in the morning, had to take a taxi to the next town where I caught a bus and finished up two hours late for my appointment.


Thank you for your help!