Did something happen yesterday?

I only ask because I was unable to connect with the Forum for nearly 24 hours.

Was there a server problem ?


I hear you.

For me it was nearly 36 hours, and that at a time when I’m sorta housebound with a pulled muscle in my back.

I have to admit, I was bored stiff without ESL because there are not too many things I’m allowed to do.

Andrea, next time you are bored have a listen to :-

Ricky Gervais. ( especially The Bible. )

The Fast Show.

Les Dawson.

Jim Davidson.

youtube.com/watch?v=2MHpx6EwEm0 ( Fantastic version.)

All on UTube.

The neighbours will think you have flipped when they hear you laughing.


If you get the time, watch this



I noticed we were off again this morning. No explanation given yet again.


Give this a spin.

And this.


What time are you talking about? :shock:

I was here from about 4.45 am until 8.15 am without any problem.
And we are one hour behind Germany, so it was 5.45 am - 9.15 am your time.

LOL, please forgive my senility, it was last night around 8pm. I hung around until 10pm and it was still off, so I went to bed with a book.

Must be a German thing. I was here until about 10.00 pm your time. It was slow alright, but I could post and things. I noticed though at some stage that there were pretty few people here.

And I missed you. :oops: