deserve + to do/doing

The following verbs can be followed by either a gerund or an infinitive with no change in meaning:

attempt; begin; can’t stand; continue; deserve; hate; like; like; prefer; start

I'm not certain of one verb among the ones above: [b]deserve[/b]

Does it really take either a gerund or an infinitive (without difference in meaning)?
Could anyone give examples using each form of the verb? 

Many thanks.

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Hello, Foreigner:

I cannot answer your question, but I can draw your attention to what our friend Michael Swan says in PRACTICAL ENGLISH USAGE. Every word is his, including the words in parentheses:

After deserve … the -ing form has a passive sense. This structure is more common in British English.

I don’t think his article deserves reading. (= … deserves to be read.)

These are now only my comments:

a. One of my very good dictionaries gives this example: “The theory deserves considering.” Personally, I would definitely prefer “to be considered.”

b. Another very good dictionary comes right out and says that an infinitive follows “deserve.”

c. On the other hand, either one of these seems natural to me:

I don’t deserve being treated like this.
I don’t deserve to be treated like this.


Hello, James:

I have two questions:

(1) How do you think the following sentence is also GRAMMATICALLY correct?

I don't think his article [b]deserves being read[/b].

Similarly, would the following sentence be correct too:

"The theory deserves [b]being considered[/b]."

Not in vain am I writing the sentence above, for I have seen the following sentence somewhere on the Net (one of the English Grammar learning sites):

 Your proposals deserve [b]being considered[/b] in detail.

(2) Have you ever seen or heard native speakers write or say someting like:

She deserves winning the prize (I know “She deserves to win …” is standard form)

How do you think it’s correct?

Many thanks.

Hello, Foreigner:

You deserve the best answers possible, so I will let other members answer you.

Have a nice day!