Describe an island

Here is my paragraph demonstrating an island before and after the construction of some tourist facilities took place.
I hope to receive feedback from you guys!

“The two maps describe the imagines of an island through the development to promote tourism.
The first map was taken when the island was still inhabited. Besides some areas covered by some big trees, the island was still a vastly empty place.
On the other hand, the second map showed that the construction had taken place in the middle and west side of the island, while the natural scenery on the east was kept untouched. Two small villages were built as accommodation, one was located in the central and the other was a short distance off the west coast. Surrounded by the two accommodation blocks was a reception center, which was in a close proximity to a restaurant in the north. There was a vehicle track connecting the restaurant and the reception area with a pier, situated on the south coast, where visitors could go sailing. They could also go swimming on the western beach, which could be walked to through a system of footpath in the island.
Overall, the construction made dramatic changes to the island, yet was still able to preserve the natural environment.”

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Fouryz, your writing was pretty good in this one, but I think you need to modify your format a little. I would give an overall summary of the maps before launching into the specific details. Your actual writing is quite clear though. I would make the following suggestions:

Thank you for correcting my works, Luschen!
I have adjusted some sentences in there concerning your suggestions.

1, “The two maps demonstrate an island through its development to promote tourism, as a combination between several new modern facilities and preservation of natural beauty.”

2, “On the one hand, the first map introduces the island when it was still uninhabited. Besides some green areas, the island seemed to be nearly empty.”

3, [ending paragraph] “The construction had influenced dramatically the island’s appearance, not only had it made the island more friendly with visitor but it also managed to keep the original beauty in the area.” [I don’t know if this was too short or not, is there anything I should add in to make it a better ending?"

Are those ones better than the original?
All ideas are welcome! Thanks!