Deify Celebs Much

When he accepted a fellowship at Smith College in the fall of 2000, the student newspaper complained bitterly: “Deify Celebs Much, Smith?”

  • Taken from an article about Kurt Vonnegut, and not understood completely.
    Thank you.

You have company in your lack of understanding, Eugene!
I don’t understand it at all. … negut.html

As I understand it, the headline means “Do you deify celebrities much, (members of) Smith College?”

From the context, this rhetorical question seems to be posed to suggest that the college does deify celebrities, and that is why they offered Vonnegut a fellowship, and are prepared to tolerate behaviour that they would not accept from others.

Yes, Dozy, the clue word here appeared to be ‘Smith’, having it deciphered you could get the answer.
Special thanks for the link you’ve provided.