Definition of "inclement"

This is a question in Test# GRE/ W105:

  1. adj. used of persons or behavior

(a) voluble
(b) irresolute
© categorical
(d) inclement

The given answer is (d) " inclement". If so, I think the given definition of its isn’t complete.

Lets see what I have found :


  1. (of weather of climate) physically severe
  2. [color=blue]used of persons or behavior; showing no clemency or mercy

“He was categorical in his denial”

But I agree :wink: May be a power off while making that exercise :slight_smile: Kidding.

" showing no clemency or mercy "

Zishuli , it is apt, when used to describe behaviour or character. IMO.

He shows no mercy or consideration for others. He is a very aggressive / changeable person.

Hi Zishuli

I agree with you. The definition given in the test fails to provide the actual definition of the word “inclement”. Basically this test only asks you to choose a word that is (or can be) used in reference to persons or behavior – and that does not rule all of the other options out.

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Hi everyone,

According to the Longman Dictionary
[color=blue]vol‧u‧ble [color=indigo]formal
talking a lot or talking quickly

Can “volube” be used to describe personal behaviour or character ?

If yes, can it be an alternative answer for the vague definition ?

Zishuli, is this the reason why you think the definition should be more specific ?

I am sorry if I have made any incorrect assumption(s).

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