deep voice and vest

Hi there,

I have a couple of questions to put:

  1. the meaning of “Deep Voice
  2. the American equivalent for the British “vest” (kind of underwear)
  3. the term for “a spacious closet in which you can even walk”
  4. the difference bw “caffeteria,” “coffee bar,” “coffee shop,” “coffeehouse,” and “teria”?

Hi Jraou

I would normally interpret that to mean that the pitch of the voice is low. For example, when a boy reaches puberty, his voice usually becomes deeper.

That’s an “undershirt”.

That’s a “walk-in closet”.

This is the way I might describe the differences:
A very large room in which people can eat. There are probably a lot of large tables and people either bring their food with them, or they select and buy it in an area off to one side of the room. There is usually no waiter or waitress who will come to your table and take your order.

Coffee Bar:
A very small area designed primarily for having a cup of coffee and possibly a small snack (such as a doughnut), and the tables found in a coffee bar may well be designed to stand at (rather than to sit at). There are probably no waiters or waitresses.

Coffee Shop:
A very small restaurant, probably specializing in light meals – especially breakfast. There will usually be waiters or waitresses here.

I assume this might simply be a shortened form of “cafeteria”.

You’re great yankee!

Thanks, Jraou. Glad I could help.