Dear Torsten, you are all really nice people to help students like me...

Dear Torsten,
The newsletters from you gave me quite a shock actually. And it is your name that reminds me immediately to this site that I haven’t been to for long.

One year ago, when I was preparing my TOEFL iBT, I came across this site, and I stayed a frequent visitor for quite some time. I remembered having discussed something with you, and I sure got a lot of feedbacks from Alan for my essays. I felt really grateful, so after taking my own test, I still came back every now and then- until the one girl I constantly helped stopped asking me.

It was quite a piece of memory. And right now, I’ve finished high school and came to Hong Kong for college. Every day seems so perfect and I’m confortable speaking English with people around me. Of course, the newsletters for basic English lessons won’t be needed, but I would love to get help for my future GMAT test from you.

You are all really nice people to help students like me, and thank you so much!


Hi Grace, thank you very much for your great feedback! Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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