Dear to whom may it concern or dear to whom it may concern

Dear teachers,
One of my friend asked me about this[color=red](Mitra, I wonder why you always start your sentences this way?
And why you wouldn’t you use the word order as below
Dear to whom it may concern)

I learned this when I was learning writing, It was formal shape for starting a letter.
Would you please explain us which one is correct or common?

Sorry, I am not a teacher---------------------

One of my friends — from many friends, one ok? —not one of my friend----…

“Dear to whom it may concern” seems peculiar to me. I would just say “To whom it may concern”.

"Dear ", “Dear Sir”, “Dear Madam”, “Dear teachers”, “Dear friends”, etc. are all OK.

I totally agree with you Dozy on your feedback. What about “To whomsoever it may concern”? Is it OK to use these days or has it become obsolete? Thanks a lot to you in advance for your reaction to my message.


Attn: All the tutors/ communicators. I will appreciate it very much if you will check out / correct my posts concerning the grammars & sentence structures. Thanks.


Wow, what do you actually want to prove by saying…

“Sorry, I am not a teacher------------”
THEN suggesting this
“One of my friends — from many friends, one ok? —not one of my friend—”

Why didn’t you go to the main point??


Whomsoever is quite archaic and not used much these days.

I believe Minhajquazi was trying to gently remind you that the proper grammar is “One of my friends”, not “One of my friend.”

Hi Mr. Noreen,

I had to go my work last morning. Everywhere I see this mistake -
One of the best university. one of the best boy etc. Even some are good in English.

whatever, As we are not authenticated persons here to teach other, is this morally
permit able to do? Though many are well to do so here.

I am fond of English grammar, it is one of my hobbies only. I am a consultant in Law.
Thank you.
and so on other 5 sites
etc, my hobbies.

Dear friends,
Thank you for your attention, one of my friend was just a slip of the tongue.