dear teacher torsten

please tell anf give them to me you know my computer was crashe and i have to foprmAT IT.

please, i am going to be your student, you know in iran the quality of elt is not as goog your country .

so i want to improve ever body that i can get advanced degree from you that is confirmrd by your international elt.

please, you know that was noyt my fault my computer was crashed.

please, i belive in your try and bexause i did nit tell you i have associates degree in teaching elt from university but as i told you inuniversity of iramn the quality of the associates degree for learners is not good ant the teacher don`t care you are familiar with english or not just they teach profeesion courses so the level of student are not high and after that they leave education.

i hope that i did not bother you.

now i know you can get my mean exactly and i havet to improve and review and correct my old last mistakes from beginner to advanced.

in advance thx.

plrase help me my teacher i know that you are sorofeesional dear M.r torsten. may be in the future because of your help i could a top student.

hamid from iran.

dear teacher torsten

i wait for your reply

yours sincerely and your student hamid

Hi Hamid,

What exactly would you like to know?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Checking the map[YSaerTTEW443543]