Dear members!

You know…December has come! And together with it our mostly loved holidays- Christmas and New Year!!! I just wanted to ask you if you have ever had some interesting, funny, terrible accidents linked with these holidays… Maybe some unusual place where you celebrated Xmas last year for example. Well, anything you find more or less interesting…And we may choose the best story (also the funniest, the most terrific, the most unusual and so on). Everybody is welcomed to take part!!! And as an organisator Ill start to set an example.. it wasnt the accident that happened to me, but it happened to my friends. Well, they were preparing to leave their home in order to go to some night clubs and different parties. So…they went out of their flat and while they were going down in the elevator it suddenly stopped! The light went down!!! They stayed there for about 2 hours (till 12 pm) and nobody could let them out…And it happened so that the elevator went upstairs right at 12!!! A Happy New Year!!!

Hi Jailbird,

This is an interesting topic indeed. The last new year is one of the unforgettable moments in my life. When the new year was born and all the people in our city started celebrating the year by firing crackers and sharing sweets I was in the hospital with my broken hand. Just a couple of days before the new year I met with an accident in my GYM while doing the regular work outs.

It was the bull worker who is the culprit , broke my hand. While pressing that , the excess of pressure I used was well enough to break my hand and stay in the hospital for the next 5 days. :slight_smile:
The first year anniversary of that is nearing. This time I want to be very careful and have a nice time .

Thanks for this topic which gives me a chance to commemorate this terrible event.


Poor Samrat!!!
What a terrible accident!!! Well, but now I know what to wish specially for you-take care of your legs and hands before the very New Year!!!
By the way thanks for replying… And besides…do you have any traditions in your family or maybe your own ones connected with the coming New Year??? As for my family and our friends we have a tradition of letting off some fireworks. And the first one must be let out by all the friends at once. We together put it in the snow, we hold together the fire, we run away from it together and we scream with joy and excitement again together… It makes us stay together for the whole next year!!! Such a tradition )))

Thanks for the wishes to keep me safe this time. Well I will be more cautious on this. Then, In India most of the people will be in temple at the time of New year. Youngsters and Bachelors will be busy with their parties. In my observation the past five years the celebration of New year is becoming a great event in all parts of our country. People are very eager to see their clocks showing 12. Yes, firing the crackers is a common thing that time. In most of the Indian festivals the fireworks plays a major role as an entertainer. Will you go to church and have prayers that time?


bad luck Samrat !

your excessive appetite for keeping fit, made you suffer for a whole week. I think i came accross some of your earlier postings regarding fitness, and now I understood how much pain you take to keep yourself fit.

New year have always been great for me. To see the whole crowd in the city happy is a pleasant feast for our mind. After a year long of hectic schedules there is always this day, when all our friends meet together, get boozed, shout, dance and all ways of merry making.

discotheque is a best way to enjoy the new year ,but I personally prefer to stay away with my close friends in some pleasant resort and booze, booze, booze till it strikes 00:00am , and then hurray! we made it to another fantastic year !!


let see last new years was when i got my new comp i took my old one from 1999 and through it off the roof of my house and then drove over it with my car, man what a good feeling it was :lol:, christmas time i ate like a pig then was so full i was like an inch away from making myself sick haha, other then that it was good

I don’t have any funny story to tell, but some traditions to talk about :slight_smile:

In Greece, people bake a special cake for New Year’s Eve: they hide a coin in the dough so that later nobody can recognise where it is. The person who has the coin in his or her piece of cake shall be lucky and successful for the whole coming year :slight_smile:

Besides, in Greece “Santa Clause” is a saint called “Agios Basilis” and he does not bring his presents on Christmas Day but on the 1st of January. There is a legend saying that he used to support poor people by giving them jewellery he hid among rags so that poor people were not aware of the fact he actually supported them and therefore they were not ashamed of taking the “gifts”.

Do you have someone like Santa Clause in your cultures? How do you call him and when do you celebrate him?

unless that coin is washed that is disgusting shivers

santa…good old santa we well I celebrate him at christmas time put up the tree and leave some milk/cookies for when he slides down the chimney, but of course i finally figured out thats not possible and he dont exsist because well frankly my chimney doesnt have a fireplace type pit haha, but i do it for my little cousins. whom are 5-7years old not 23 like myself

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Of course it is washed AND put into aluminium foil! :smiley: