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The best way to increase student’s interest in a subjext is to teach them the significance of the subject outside of school.
Zealous interest cannot be aroused in students’ academic studies. This is why numerous teachers and parents complain about students’ study nowadays. Naturally, various methods come out to increase students’ interest, including performing the courses outside of school with the target at exposing students to the practical usage of certain knowledge. Helpful as it seems, close analysis does not bear out the expected result. Conducting the teaching in the school could aid the students in better appreciating the beauty of the learning. (81)
First of all, the instruction from teachers is quite essential. With the teacher’s help, one could learn about the process of the problem solving in a more comprehensive way, thus saving large amounts of time. For instance, if a student who majors in the chemistry would like to learn about the consequence and phenomenon when two substances mix together, a teacher could easily explain the whole process patiently without missing a key point. This could strengthen the knowledge in a certain field and satisfy the student’s appetite. However, if the student pursues knowledge outside school, it would unavoidably waste more time finding the materials for the experiment , the whole process of the experiment is also hard for him to handle properly. Therefore, we could easily acquire knowledge efficiently from a teacher, who plays an indispensable role in the one’s academic career and knows how to increase the interest for our students. (152)
Additionally, plentiful resources and advanced equipments contribute to increase students’ interest. When an astronomical student is performing his task in school, he could turn to a huge sea of books when encounters some confusion on the research. Besides he could enjoy the benefits brought by the advance devices, such as telescope. These valuable resources could help him probe into depth in his academic study which by no means made possible by the education outside school. To sum up, resources could be another attraction for us if we study in the school and allow us grab the most intriguing part of the study. (102)
Apart from the factors already discussed, it must be noted that without the distraction of ouside world, learning can be more efficient and more enjoyable. When I was in primary school, in my biology class, we were expected to observe the shapes and leaves of a certain tree. But when we got outside to the garden, we ended up being captured by all kinds of interesting insects in the grassland. The study outside can forbid our interest by diverting our attention.
Thus generating serious academic atmosphere may be a good chioce to arise students’ interest.(95)
All in all, temping as it seems, the outside study do have some drawbacks when compared with traditional study in the classroom. The experienced teacher, abundant study resources and more serious academic atmosphere all pile up to show the overwhelming advantages enjoyed by the classroom study, ndicating more suitable means to raise the interest among the students.(57)

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