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Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.
my essay:

Although large firms are putting up too much work loads and stressful conditions to their employees. In some ways, it could be more of a challenge to their career. It helps them to grow financially, it develops personal growth and it improves their skills and abilities. Therefore, i must say that i prefer working for a large company because i aspire to grow not only for wealth but more of my personal welfare.

Each one of us has one common goal to become better and stable individuals. This goal is to earn a well-compensated salary. However, what if you are not competent enough on the job you are seeking for? Most likely, making good money means working for a well-known, large companies. It’s not easy to get hired into this firms because the job is highly demanding of your time and effort. Moreover, i always find this job challenging because it makes me more responsible and its worth having every cents of the money i get out of my endeavor.

Working for big firms means you work for big leaders. At this junction, you already have picked up ideas how to be a leader for yourself. Because of high demands being put up with the job, you learn every single thing that makes you more and more responsible and credible to be applaused from your employers. Even if this means hardwork, you know your effort will be rewarded in the long run. Eventually, you will grow more mature and able to handle personal and work problems better.

If you work in a large companies there are more opportunities you can get to develop your skills and abilities. When you are capable of doing one-simple thing. Most likely, the employers will credit your good job you made. They will then send you more assignments to carry on for the company. This might be a stressing job but you know this is another achievement on your part once you have made it all done on a due time. Your ability and skills have made you more efficient way ahead from your other co-workers and eventually the company will get you promoted.

That is the reason i prefer working for a large company because here, there are many oppurtunities sets on your way. Even if it demands hardwork, i know it improves my whole well-being.

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