Dealing with non english native students?

What’s the best ways you guys found to help students that are not english native speakers with their studies. I try my best but sometimes it’s hard to get the point across.

What issues are you dealing with, exactly? If you’re more specific, you can get better advice.

Are you talking about helping them with their studies in subjects outside of English, maybe science studies or the humanities?

Let us know precisely what’s giving you trouble, and I’m sure people can come up with some suggestions.

Here you go, it’s your first day of teaching. You’re as nervous as you could possibly be. There are about 30 kids in front of you looking at you like you’re from another planet. What do you do? Well, if you are really here inside the classroom in front of a bunch of kids, I sure hope that you’ve already prepared for the class. Preparation is what will make your class go smooth and easy. Body language is also very important. If your students don’t know very much English, they’re going to need to see your body language in order to get a better idea of what you’re talking about. Body language is also an great way to keep your students awake, interested, and paying attention to you. Facial expressions, hand gestures, and the level of your voice are great tools for you to use. Make sure that you involve every single student in your class. I’m not talking about making each person stand up, one at a time, and answer your questions. You can do this, but you must also mix it up. Try getting the boys to stand up, then girls, the right half of the class, the left half, pairs, groups, and the class as a whole. You have to keep this class interested, on their toes, learning, and having fun. Good luck to all of you!