David Icke.

Do you have an opinion on David Icke? His controversial panel on YouTube is sure to raise alarm in some quarters, and yet it is strange that NOBODY has seen fit to sue him! Is this because he is speaking the truth?
Are the Royal family aliens? Was Ted Heath a child-killer? Was Diana purposely murdered?
If you don’t read his column perhaps it is time you did!


Bill - My opinion is that he is “Controlled Opposition”
I’m guessing 99% of what he says is true but then he tells you the Queen is an Alien Reptile from another Planet with a tail rolled up her Skirt. Which “Stigmatizes” the other 99% of what he says.

Kings from medieval times would give bad news to the Village idiot to spread around. By the time someone serious started to repeat it no one believes him because they heard it first from the Village idiot.

Just the opinion of an aging buffoon.