"damage confidence in..." / "hit confidence in..."

Hello Alan, Mister Micawber, Beeesneees, Mordant, Esl_Expert and other native English speakers,

  • damage confidence in…
  • hit confidence in…

Possible retroactive cuts in subsidies would, the Forum believes, [color=red]damage confidence in the regulatory structure in Spain and thereby restrict the financing of new projects.

However, a survey showed the matter had [color=darkblue]hit confidence in McDonald’s among Chinese consumers.

Are [color=red]damage and [color=darkblue]hit interchangeble?


The idea is that confidence is weakened but ‘hit’ is probably more sudden whereas ‘damage’ could be a slower process.


Thank you, Alan.

Are there any other verbs that you use with “confidence in…”? Destroy? Ruin?

You could use both those, Tofu.
Don’t forget the positives too:
created confidence, raised confidence, regained confidence, gained confidence.

Hi Tofu,

I’m not too happy about ‘ruin confidence’ but perhaps you could try ‘shatter confidence.’