Daily English

Hello Everybody ,

Welcome to this thread , I was deeply shocked when I can’t express myself well in English when I open my mouth though I can express myself well in writting . So let’s start to express our daily life in English , you can share us the daily life dialog or tell us you own daily life ,thanks in advance .

Following I will share my first daily life dialog :

K: How many people are there in your family?

J: My immediate family is quite small. It’s just my older step-brother, my mom, my step-dad and me. How about you?

K: I have a large family. I have three older sisters, my twin sister, a younger brother, and my parents.

J: I didn’t know you were a twin! Are you identical or fraternal?

K: We’re identical. I mean, we look exactly the same, but we complete opposites when it comes to everything else!

J: Interesting. It must be great having a twin sister. Are you best friends, too?

K: We used to be really close, but that all changed once she moved to Shanghai. How about your family? You didn’t mention to your biological father.

J: I don’t know much about him. He died when I was just a baby. Even though I don’t have a blood relationship with my step-father and step-brother, I consider them to be my real family.

K: What about your step-brother’s mother? Does he keep in touch with her?

J: No, she also died when my step-brother was little. My mother and my step-father met each other shortly after my father died and became good friends. They ended up getting married a few years later.