Current newsletter: It's going to cost you!


You can’t open a newspaper, turn on the radio or TV (at least in the UK) without hearing more information about finance and the financial crisis spreading throughout the world. People who have (or had) pots of money and were known as ‘fat cats’ have now lost even more pots of money and the rest of us have lost our jobs, been made redundant and found that the interest on our savings has gone right down. Words like ‘credit crunch’ and ‘financial meltdown’ have become very popular. When I therefore sat down to write my regular newsletter, the word that kept dancing before my eyes was ‘money’. And with that in mind I offer you the latest newsletter entitled ‘It’s going to cost you’. … u-177.html


I would say – it is a ‘bad debt’ :wink: Kidding.

I owe you a cup of tea forever. And it can never be a bad debt :slight_smile:

As for me, I’m going to buy a copy of Alan Townend’s English Grammar Stories in exchange for his newsletter. It’s nothing compared to what I’m learning from his book. Bravo! Alan…

Best regards,

Marianne :slight_smile:

Oh I would say (if dont know already how) I say, I’ll teach you Spanish, how about that?
I don’t know if that would be a good pay for you but let me know, do we have a deal?

Hugs and Kisses from Kadis :wink:

Hi Alan, after I red your current email, I don’t think to buy your English grammar through histories in pdf version, but if I could be able to buy your book it will be very grateful. So, form my position where I can find it? Thanks.

Hi Helder,

You can buy the materials as an e-book here: Shop. If you want a paper based book, simply print off the PDF document.


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Hi, Alan!
I like everything you do for us so much, that if you asked me to offer you something for your newsletter, I would gladly offer to show you some beautiful sights here in Moscow if you happen to be here. :slight_smile:


I liked the stories very much. I invite you to read my comment.unfortunately the world is moved by the money.The chinesses didn’t imagine that they’ll facilitate the use of it. In the last year, in my beautiful country, many people who want to get money in easy way, put their money in piramids and they lost all because they fell down.They lost houses, cars which were sold to ge money to put in risk and now some of them have to pay to the banks the money that they took in borrowing. Most of them are desperate and they don’t know what to do. I feel bad for them because their ambitious pull them to do stupid things.

Hi Tatyana,

Glad you liked the latest newsletter. Thanks also for your invitation to show me round Moscow. I have only been once to your country and thoroughly enjoyed the visit but I have never been to Moscow.

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thanks alan for sending me this beautiful paragraph .
i love the sentence money,just doesnt grow on trees.
keep writing.


I understand the words “fat cats, financial meltdown, credit crunch” in context, but what is the meaning exactly. Can you help me?


Hi Toñis,

‘Fat cats’ are people who have made enormous amounts of money. ‘Financial meltdown’ describes what happens when the money markets in the world start to fall very low indeed. ‘Credit crunch’ describes a situation when people find it very difficult to get credit/borrow money - to buy a house for example.


iam intersting by english language so send to me mor essay because i like to read it :slight_smile:

Hi, Alan!
Many thanks for all these pretty useful tips that you give us all the time, day after day.
It’s incredible generous from you, my dear friend!

Yours sincerely,
Cesar Lopez Petrovich.

Thanks a lot. I have nothing to post at this time, later I will.

PS: there’s no electricity here

Hi Cts,
I liked your ponunciation… keep it up with Alan.

Noren Lee

Hello, Alan!

Thanks for your explanation about the meaning of some words that I couldn’t understand out of context. My comment about the text is that money is a word that mean powerful. All of you have to do needs money because the capitalism compel you to look for it. But, fortunately we can observe the sky, the nature, your feels,your acts, your thoughts, your family freely yet. it is wonderful, isn’t it?

just i want to say for mr. Alan: Tanks alot!!!



Townend stories are wonderful excursions into historical venues and they allow one to look at the historical language of an era long gone.

Once an ELL (ESOL student) knows how to listen and speak relatively well, s/he should definitely commence the path of reading literature that is applicable to the current linguistic trends as they relate to the individual student.

thank you Alan