What is the meaning of “cross-strait words”?
I have seen IT in a newspaper.
Many thanks,

Hi Morteza,
Is there any way you could provide further context please?

The usual context for the phrase ‘cross-strait’ (without ‘words’) is when discussing relations between mainland China, (which sits to the west of the Taiwan Strait), and Taiwan, (which sits to the east of the Strait).

However, because you add ‘words’ to your phrase (cross-strait words), I wonder if what you have seen is the name of a puzzle, a little like a crossword puzzle or a wordsearch? If I am correct about that then the phrase doesn’t really have any proper meaning. It is the ‘proper noun’ that the newspaper editors have made up for that particular type of puzzle.

Hi Beeesneees,
You are completely right.It’s about China & Taiwan official talks.
Thank you ever so much,